Graduation Performance Details

Guys:  solid black, collared shirt; black dress pants; black socks; black dress shoes
Girls:  solid black, school-appropriate top; black dress slacks or black, knee-length or longer skirt; comfortable black dress shoes
Seniors:  wear what you would otherwise wear to graduation!
TIMES (Sunday, June 10)
10:45a – call time @ AHS Orchestra Hall
11:00a – bus departs for UTA
11:30a – seniors check in with your line leaders, then proceed to ensemble setup
12:00p – seniors in ensemble setup by this time
1:00p – Graduation (pre-music begins earlier)
3:00p – approx end time
3:30p – approx return to AHS
Students will travel by bus to and from UTA.  Students with family members graduating may arrive with family, but need to arrive by 11:30a.  Students with family members graduating wishing to ride the bus to UTA, but leave with family, need to bring a note to Mr. Goins the day of, and parents must find either Mr. Goins or Mr. Torres immediately after graduation for an in-person transfer of supervision.  Seniors may take advantage of any of these options (no note required to leave with family), and should follow the times listed above.
Cello and bass students are welcome to use a school instrument.  Seniors should make arrangements with another student performing to take responsibility for your instrument after you perform, including getting it back to you after graduation.
Any student who still has a school instrument must bring that instrument Sunday to check back in either before or after graduation (at AHS).
Please remember to eat something BEFORE you arrive for call time, as we are not eating at this event, and no snacks are allowed.