AHS Orchestra update – 09.29.17


1. PRACTICE THIS WEEKEND:  we were SO impressed that EVERY instrument and binder went home this week!!!  Every student should be practicing this weekend so that all of our groups can sound their best at next week’s concert.  We appreciate any help from parents in making sure this happens!
2. FALL CONCERT:  the Fall Concert is Wednesday, October 4, at 7pm in the AHS Auditorium!  Admission is free.  Student call times have been announced to students in class, and students are required to stay until the end of the concert.
Students will wear the formal performance uniform (see the handbook for details).  Students who do not yet have their uniform either owe us forms, or simply need to remember to pick their uniform up.  Students should try on their uniform THIS WEEKEND to make sure there aren’t any problems with the fit.
3. JH CONCERTS:  please join us for our JH Concerts Tuesday, October 3, in the AHS Auditorium!  Bailey’s concert will begin at 6:30p, with Gunn’s concert to follow at 7:30p.  AHS Orchestra students who wish to volunteer should meet in the auditorium lobby at 6p.  This is an approved service hour opportunity!
4. TRIP CONTRACTS DUE:  trip contracts and deposits are due Thursday, October 5.  Don’t miss out on New Orleans because you forgot to turn it in!  Trip scholarship forms for those needing financial assistance are also available in the Orchestra Hall or on Charms, and are due the same day.
5. UTA VISIT:  we have a FANTASTIC opportunity to visit the campus of UTA, complete with a campus tour and a dress rehearsal of the UTA Symphony Orchestra!  This event will be on October 17.  Students will miss part of the school day, and will return to AHS around 5:30p.  To participate, students must be eligible (passing classes for the first six weeks), must have all of their forms turned in, and must have their Orchestra Fee either paid or payments arranged.  Permission slips were given to students in class this week (also available on Charms), and are due by October 10.
6. KLEENEX:  as the sniffles arrive, the Orchestra Hall is in need of Kleenex!!!  Please send in any donations with your orchestra student.  Thank you!
Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your continued support of the AHS Orchestra!!!