AHS Orchestra update – 03.07.16


1. TRIP REMINDERS:  our trip to New York is this Friday!!!  We know the students are excited, and are ready to have a great time in NYC!  A few reminders as we approach our departure.
BALANCE:  all balances must be paid in full BEFORE Friday.  Charms has been updated to reflect all payments turned in through the end of last week.  Please check to make sure your account reflects a balance of $0.
FORMS:  please check Charms to makes sure that we have your Trip Handbook Acknowledgement, as well as all other required Orchestra forms.
BAG CHECK:  a reminder that as per AISD policy, all bags must be searched and secured prior to the trip.  Students MUST bring their bags, fully packed, to the Orchestra Hall on Thursday, March 10.  We will begin accepting bags at 5 pm, and all bags MUST be brought in by 6:30 pm.  Students who do not bring their bags by this time will not be able to go on the trip.
DEPARTURE:  student call time Friday, March 11, is 4 am in the AHS Orchestra Hall.  Students must be one time.  Any student who is late risks missing the group, and will not be able to go on the trip.
2. UIL RESULTS:  last week, the AHS Orchestra participated in the UIL Region 5 Concert & Sightreading Evaluation at the Mansfield PAC.  All of the students did a wonderful job, representing the AHS Orchestra well through excellent behavior and performance.  Students performed for very tough judging panels both on stage and in sightreading, and earned strong praise from the judges.  Symphony earned a Superior, the highest rating possible, for both their stage and sightreading performances, continuing a 35 year tradition of Sweepstakes!  Philharmonic and Sinfonia Orchestras also earned Sweepstakes for their performances, demonstrating exceptional skill.  Philharmonia earned an Excellent for their stage performance and a Superior for their sightreading performance, demonstrating great progress throughout the year.  Chaccone and Concert earned a Good on stage, and an Excellent for sightreading, also demonstrating their great progress this year.  All of the students should be incredibly proud of a strong showing at this year’s UIL evaluation!
Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your continued support of the AHS Orchestra!