AHS Orchestra update – Spring Concert special!

WHAT: AHS Orchestra Spring Concert
WHERE: Fielder Church
2011 South Fielder Rd
Arlington, TX 76013
(see below for instructions of where to go at Fielder)
WHEN: Tuesday, May 9, 2017
7:00pm start time
(see below for specific student call times)
UNIFORM: Formal performance uniform (tuxes & dresses)

CALL TIMES: members of Concert Orchestra must be ready to begin rehearsal on stage by 5:30pm. Call time for Symphony strings is 6:00pm, to rehearse for United Sound. Call for ALL other students (including Symphony winds/percussion) is 6:15pm.

WHERE TO GO: enter the parking lot on the east side of Fielder, off of Pioneer Pkwy. We are in the Metro Center, which is on the east side of the Fielder campus. Enter through the glass doors along the east side of the building.

Once in the lobby of Metro Center, look for the signs indicating the uncasing area for your group. Uncase, close your cases, and stack them NEATLY along the wall. Once unpacked, enter the auditorium, find the seating area for your group in the front seating sections, and wait for further instructions.

OTHER DETAILS: cello and bass students MUST use the best instrument available to you. For most students, this will be the instrument used at school. YOU are responsible for making arrangements to get YOUR instrument to the concert, and returned to AHS the following day. We will have all other needed equipment.

CONCERT LENGTH: with all groups on one performance, plus Senior Solos and Senior Recognition, please be prepared for this concert to be a longer concert. We will do everything in our power to manage the length of the concert, and the total length should be no more than two hours. ALL students are expected to stay until the end of the concert.

SENIOR RECOGNITION: Seniors, we are excited to be able to recognize each of you at this concert!!! We need you to click the link below and submit the requested information by 6:00pm MONDAY. Please spread the word so that we have EVERYONE’S information!!!

goo.gl/4aPbYl (case sensitive)

UNIFORM RETURN: due to this concert being off campus, students will not leave their uniforms after the concert as in the past. Instead, students MUST return ALL PARTS, including uniform bags, by FRIDAY, MAY 12. Directors will check students in as they return the uniform. Students failing to return their uniform by this time will be placed on the “not clear” list.

We are looking forward to a fantastic Spring Concert, and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!!