AHS Orchestra update – 09.16.16



1. HOWDY PARTY:  the Howdy Party is TODAY, 5-7p at Pantego Park!!!  This is a great opportunity for students to have fun, get to know their AHS Orchestra family, and eat some food!  Students signed up during class this week (if you forgot, talk to a director today).  Remember to wear your shirt color and bring your food items:  Seniors, black & desserts; Juniors, grey & sodas; Sophomores, green & chips; Freshmen, white & nothing to bring, just enjoy!  In the event of inclement weather, we will move to AHS.  Watch the AHS Orchestra Twitter feed for updates.
2. PRACTICE:  students should be bringing their instruments home every day, and parents should be seeing practice by every student.  Students are learning effective practice strategies in class, including the use of tuners and metronomes to help them refine their skills.  Students can use a stand-alone tuner/metronome, or there are some fantastic apps available that we have been using with the students.  Students are receiving a specific practice assignment each class, so parents can always help us reinforce learning by checking to see that students have worked on their goals for these assignments.  We so appreciate your support helping make sure the AHS Orchestra is the best we can be!
Students have practice journals that are due every two weeks and require only five practice sessions.  Students can also earn extra credit by completing up to five additional practice sessions during the two week cycle.  The first practice journal is due NEXT WEEK, on the first class day of the week.  The practice journal form may also be found on Charms.
3. PASSOFFS:  we have started our playing assessments, known as passoffs (see the handbook for more details).  For the first six weeks, students have one passoff on which they must demonstrate mastery, at which point they will have a 100 for that major grade.  Students who demonstrated mastery this week are done with passoffs for the first six weeks.  All other students have received feedback, and may begin retaking passoffs next week.  Students will have a chance to retake during class, and may also come in during plus period.  The information given to students, including the deadline to complete passoffs for the six weeks, may also be found on Charms.
4. PROGRAM ADS:  program ad orders are due NEXT WEEK, so get yours in ASAP!!!  You don’t want to miss a display of support in the program.  Do you own a business or know someone who does?  Please share the program ad information with them!  The AHS Orchestra community would love to support businesses that support the AHS Orchestra!  Please contact the directors if you have any questions or need any help with an ad.
5. PROGRAM PHOTO SHOOT:  the photo shoot for seniors and officers will be next Tuesday, September 20, at 4:00 pm.  Guys should wear their orchestra tuxes.  Ladies should wear nice, school appropriate dresses.  Pictures will not be retaken due to missing students, so make sure you are there!
Thank you to everyone for a FANTASTIC start to the school year!!!  Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your support of the AHS Orchestra!