AHS Orchestra update – 08.23.18


1. WELCOME:  happy start of the 2018-2019 school year!!!  We are incredibly excited about this year, and are so impressed with what we’ve seen from our AHS Orchestra family during this first week!  This is the first of what will be regular update emails we will send out to help you stay informed.  Please see the AHS Orchestra handbook that all students received in class this week for other great ways to stay informed about the AHS Orchestra.
2. ORCHESTRA OLYMPICS:  we are very excited about our first social event of the year, Orchestra Olympics!!!  Orchestra Olympics is THIS SATURDAY, August 25, from 7a to 1:30p, at Group Dynamix.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to make new friends, have some fun, and build unity through exciting team-building activities.  Participating students have signed up in class, and need to have a travel form and medical release form on file.  Dress comfortably and meet at AHS at 7a prepared for an awesome day!!!
3. INSTRUMENTS:  students should be bringing their instruments and taking them home every class day.  For those who have requested a school instrument, we will be letting them use one in class while we work to fill all of the needs.  Our hope is to send school instruments home with students on Registration Day.
4. ORCHESTRA MEETINGS:  page 9 of the handbook students received this week is the AHS Orchestra calendar for the year (also available at ahsorchestra.com).  The first required event of the year is the Orchestra Meeting, where students and parents will receive information about AHS Orchestra activities for the year, as well as required forms and other information.  The 9th grade meeting is Tuesday, 9/4, at 7p in the AHS Cafeteria.  The 10-12 grade meeting is Wednesday, 9/5, at 7p in the AHS Cafeteria.  Students/parents with a conflict on their scheduled day may attend the other meeting, but ALL students MUST attend one of the meetings WITH a parent/guardian.
5. REGISTRATION DAY:  Registration Day is on Saturday, 9/8, and is where students will pick up their uniforms, turn in forms, check out instruments, pay their Activity Fee, and parents will have the opportunity to join the booster club.  Students will sign up for times between 9a and 1p (more information to come at a later date), and attendance is required.
6. NOTARIES:  we are in need of any Notaries Public who may be willing to donate their time to help the AHS Orchestra!  If you or anyone you know would be willing to give back in this way, we are looking for Notaries to be here during Registration Day.  Please email Mr. Goins at agoins1@aisd.net to volunteer, or if you have any questions.
We look forward to a wonderful year of building Unity through Artistry!  Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your support of the AHS Orchestra!