AHS Orchestra update – 12.04.15





1. WINTER CONCERTS:  our Winter Concerts are next week!!!  All groups have a specific call time, and instructions for where they must be at that time.  All students MUST be in formal concert uniform (see handbook for details) to perform, including the appropriate shoes.
TUESDAY, December 8, is Sinfonia and Symphony at 7:00 pm.  Symphony call time is 6:00 pm (in uniform, tuned, & on stage ready to rehearse).  Sinfonia call time is 6:30 pm (in uniform & tuning by this time).
THURSDAY, December 10, is Concert, Chaccone, Philharmonia, and Philharmonic at 7:00 pm.  Concert and Chaccone call time is 5:00 pm (in uniform, tuned, & on stage ready to rehearse).  Philharmonia and Philharmonic call time is 6:30 pm (in uniform & tuning by this time).
You are also invited to join us for our Junior High concerts on WEDNESDAY, December 9.  Bailey JH will start at 7:30 pm, and Gunn JH will start at 8:15 pm.
AHS Orchestra students may attend any of the concerts in which they aren’t performing for extra credit.  Students MUST have their ID scanned upon arrival and when leaving to receive credit.
2. PASSOFFS:  a reminder that students have until the end of the six weeks to complete their passoffs for the 3rd six weeks.  If students are not sure what passoffs need to be completed, they can check TEAMS.  Any pass off that is blank still needs to be completed.
3. ANGEL DONATIONS:  as a holiday service project, the AHS Orchestra has adopted two children in need from Arlington, and we are collecting donations to buy clothes and toys to make these angels’ holiday brighter.  Students can bring in donations early next week, and any donations are greatly appreciated!!!
4. PRACTICE THIS WEEKEND:  ALL students should be practicing this weekend to help us have the best concerts possible next week!!!  We appreciate any help and encouragement parents can provide to make sure this happens.
Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your continued support of the AHS Orchestra!!!