AHS Orchestra update – 11.11.15


1. REGION & STATE RESULTS:  over the past few weeks, AHS Orchestra students have been participating in the TMEA Region 5 All-Region Orchestra audition processe with great results!  Kanchan Patil earned a spot in the String Orchestra on cello.  Earning spots in the Full Orchestra were:  Hannah Lei, violin; Opal Bunnag, violin; Hailey Phillips, violin; Lyndsey Walker, viola; Michelle Bui, viola alternate; Niraj Patil, cello; Laura Britton, cello; Isaac James, bass; Josh Hilton, bass; Holden Brecht, bass; and Gabrielle Cano, bass.
In addition, we had multiple students audition for the TMEA All-State Orchestras.  We have two students who placed among the “Best of the Best” in Texas, earning spots in one of these prestigious groups.  Hannah Lei, violin, earned a spot in the All-State String Orchestra, and Niraj Patil, cello, earned a spot in the All-State Symphony Orchestra.  Both will travel to San Antonio in February to rehearse and perform with their groups.
Please join me in congratulating all of these students for their spectacular accomplishments!!!
2. PASSOFF PHASE 2:  in our continuing efforts to be responsive to the learning needs of the students, we have rolled out phase 2 of our passoff system this week.  In this phase, students are given a list of skills they must pass off by the end of the six weeks.  Students may move through the passoffs at their own pace, taking as many attempts as are necessary to demonstrate mastery, or working to get ahead.  Students will be given opportunities to perform in class, and may also come in during Plus Periods to either get ahead or retake.  Students will play for us individually, and will receive immediate feedback.  Once successfully passed off, students will receive a grade of 100 in the gradebook.  Please see the information given to students for complete details.  Our first day of passoffs in class will take place Thursday/Friday of this week.
3. TURKEY BASH:  Turkey Bash is quickly approaching!!!  This is a great opportunity for students to gather with their AHS Orchestra friends for fellowship and fun.  The event is Friday, November 20, from 6-9 pm.  We will have a feast in the cafeteria, followed by fun and games in the gym area, including an inflatable obstacle course!  The booster club provides meats, and students sign up to attend by signing up to bring various dishes (depending on grade).  Students will receive details and updates in class.  Any parents wishing to volunteer to help should contact Lynne Barnes.
4. PRACTICE JOURNAL REMINDER:  a reminder that students are expected to practice at least four days each week, and may earn extra credit for up to two additional days.  Students should be filling out their practice journals, the next of which is due the first class day of next week.  Students are receiving regular instruction in how they should be practicing for maximum progress, so hopefully parents are seeing them reinforce those lessons at home.  Any encouragement you can provide regarding quality practice at home is very appreciated.
Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your continued support of the AHS Orchestra!!!