AHS Orchestra update – 05.20.19


  1. COLONIAL:  Colonial is THIS WEEK!!!  Thank you to everyone who signed up to help, and we look forward to seeing you there!  Of course, if you missed out on signing up, we can always use more adults.  Let us know, and we can get you signed up.  All volunteers MUST wear the green AHS Orchestra shirt with the silhouette of four instruments on the front in white.  Additionally, every volunteer must have a pass for each day to be worked.  We have these items, as well as parking passes if needed, to hand out this week.  We will be giving these to students in class for adults associated with them, or email us to arrange a time to pick up.  Thank you to everyone for helping make Colonial a success!!!

  1. SERVICE HOURS:  the deadline to submit service hours for the 2018-2019 school year is Monday, May 27.  This applies to any students interested in lettering, and for students interested in earning a senior honor cord.  Please see the orchestra handbook for complete details.

  1. UNIFORMS & SCHOOL INSTRUMENTS:  uniforms are now past due.  Please bring in any uniforms ASAP.  You do not need to dry clean the uniforms before returning them.  We will dry clean all uniforms over the summer.  School instruments also need to be returned this week if they have not already been checked in.

  1. GRADUATION:  students in Symphony and Philharmonic received complete details about graduation rehearsals, call times, etc, in class last week.  We know it is extra time for the students involved to be a part of this special moment in the life of a high school, and we appreciate the students for helping to make this a wonderful celebration for our AHS Class of 2019!

Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your support of the AHS Orchestra!